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Ascaris in children

Аскариды у детей

The disease ascariasis is one of the most widespread of helminthiases (it is believed that every fourth person on the planet is infected with it). Roundworms belong to the group of geohelminths, thus, the cycle of their development provides for a mandatory stay in the external environment. Roundworms in children are a very common type of worms, which is a fairly large individual of the parasite from 25 to 40 cm, living in the intestines of the child.

Roundworms in children - a source of infection and symptoms

These worms appear in children in the same way as enterobiasis, i.e. when swallowing mature eggs of parasites. But at the same time, the carrier of the roundworm cannot become a source of infection, because the egg needs about a month for full maturation and the presence of suitable conditions. The main danger in relation to infection with roundworms in children is represented by low-growing berries, vegetables and soil, as well as unwashed hands. Insects (cockroaches and flies) also carry roundworms. Ascaris in children is quite difficult to detect, because it often goes away without symptoms.

However, for parents, there are several indicators that may indicate the appearance of ascaris in children. Firstly, it is the pallor of the mucous membranes and skin, the presence of circles under the eyes and the appearance of an odor from the mouth after waking up in the morning. Ascariasis can also have symptoms in the form of weight loss of the child, if he eats normally, a sharp loss of appetite. Also, children have increased excitability and tearfulness, complaints of abdominal pain, restless sleep at night, migraine-like headache. And if a child has a habit of biting his nails, then in the presence of the above signs, the possibility of getting ascariasis increases several times.

It is also possible vitamin deficiency due to the fact that roundworms in children always absorb vitamins and nutrients that are vital for the child's body. Children's immunity is also significantly reduced, the child becomes absent-minded, tearful, disobedient. It happens that with ascariasis, appendicitis is mistakenly diagnosed.

If the signs of roundworm appeared after pneumonia, then it is urgent to be tested for the presence of worms, because roundworms have two stages of development, and the parasite passes through the lungs before stopping in the intestines. In the intestines, worms develop in adult roundworms that feed on the blood of a child. If the infection is very large, then roundworms can absorb about half a liter of blood every day. In addition, roundworms in children constantly poison the child's fragile body with waste products, which causes the development of anemia, chronic intoxication and other diseases. It is very dangerous that it happens that, in addition to the intestines, the larvae linger and develop in the organs where they enter with the blood stream. For this reason, childhood ascariasis must be treated.

Ascaris in children - diagnosis and treatment

The detection of ascaris eggs in the feces of an infected child is a confirmation of the diagnosis of the disease. Roundworms in children are treated with various drugs or the introduction of oxygen through an elastic tube into the gastrointestinal tract, causing the death of parasites. But this is done in the most severe form of infection, and in most cases the sick person takes Vermox or Pyrantel. If the child has any signs of appendicitis or bowel obstruction, urgent surgery is needed.
As a preventive measure, personal hygiene measures should be observed: thoroughly cleaning the child's hands, processing fruits and vegetables before eating, and killing insects (especially flies).

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